Critique Service

You’ve written something. A novel, a short story, a novella… some work of fiction. Now what? Well, you may decided to query agents. You may send queries directly to small publishers. Maybe you’re thinking about submitting your work to a competition or to a magazine. Maybe you want to know if it’s ready for an editor’s eyes. Or maybe you’re preparing to Indie publish. My question to you is this…

How many eyes have you had on your work? And of those eyes, how many were able to give you constructive critique? Or even any critique?

Hey, I’ve been there; you give your story to a few friends and ask them what they think. Part of you needs them to be straight with you, but part of you just wants them to say they love it. It’s your baby. I get it. We all get it. Chances are your friends are all kind. They either say they adored it, or they say it was pretty good, but they can’t identify anything specific they think you should change. That’s because unless they work as a writer or with writers, they just don’t know how to point out writing problems. They also may think you’re simply looking for a proof reader. Note: Proofing or editing is not the kind of critique I’m offering here. Punctuation and grammar can and should be done by a professional editor. I’m talking about basic writing skills we all struggle with. The dreaded adverbs, passive voice, purple prose, excessive details, lack of forward plot movement… your average buddy isn’t going to be able to point those things out.

I can.

I’ll give you a solid critique on the first 500 words of your fiction, and here’s how it works.

  • Email me a word document of just the first 500 words of your work. I know, that’s not a lot, but it’s enough for me to see enough to know if I’d keep reading more of the story, or set it aside.
  • I’ll give it a read then email you to let you know if your work is ready for a critique. (If most of the words are misspelled and the punctuation is a hot mess… you need a class, not a critique. I won’t waste your money.)
  • Assuming your work is ready for a critique, my email will give you a link where you can go to pay for the critique. Don’t panic. It’s only $5. (price subject to change.)

  • Once I receive notice of payment from PayPal… no, I won’t accept checks or credit cards or gift cards to Applebee’s… then I will critique your work and email it back to you.
  • I do so solemnly swear to never ever publish or show anyone your work! This is private. I promise. All kidding aside. That wouldn’t be cool. I wouldn’t do it.
  • Absolutely no erotica or abuse. Period.

So, what can you expect? Click this link to see an example of what your work and my critique might look like.  Example. When you open the document online, be sure to click the side comment bubbles to see my comments and critiques.

Why would you want this done? How you start your book is pretty darn important. If you don’t have a good hook, solid writing, good grammar and punctuation, or if you shift tense or slip in and out of POV, I’ll let you know. I won’t catch everything. That would be an edit. I’m not offering editing. I’m offering a basic critique. Editing would cost a LOT more money, and I’m not qualified to do that. I won’t be mean, but I won’t mince words. Read this article to learn more about why it’s a great idea to have your work critiqued. Why Have Your Work Critiqued? 

Now put 500 words into a word doc and send them my way. My email is Let’s see if we can work together to make your writing the best it can be.