Advertise Your Book Trailer/Traditional or Indie

This page is dedicated to book trailers submitted by or on behalf of traditionally published authors, or Indie authors who do not qualify for free promotional space.

The contact form to upload your  Book Trailer is below. Please fill it out completely. It will go to my email address.

Submission Guidelines: I accept no erotica or abusive behavior of any kind. The trailer must be under 2 minutes. You must fill out the submission form completely.

Fill out this form completely to submit your book trailer for an advertisement.

Check the Calendar for available dates (A blue bar shows there is already a trailer booked for those dates. Only one trailer runs at a time.)

I will contact you via the email address you provide in the form and let you know if your trailer qualifies for a book trailer ad spot.  Go to this link to pay with PayPal.

The trailer ad will run for 1 week and will cost $5. See the calendar for the available time.  I will let you know the dates your trailer ad will run. Prices and length of ad time are subject to change. Currently, the trailer ads will go up on Monday and remain up for seven days.