Submit Your Indie Author Book Trailer

This page is dedicated to book trailers submitted by Indie Authors.

The contact form to upload your Indie Book Trailer is below. Please fill it out completely. It will go to my email address. At that point, I will watch your trailer, then let you know via email if your trailer won a free promo spot here on Indie Book Trailers. If it doesn’t win, don’t worry. I would still be happy to run an ad for your trailer. Just go to the Advertising Tab and sign up.

Also, if your trailer does not win a free promo spot here on Indie Book Trailers, it may be something simple you can fix. If you’d like a critique of the trailer, I will direct you to PayPal. For a minimal fee, I’ll critique your trailer.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The trailer must be under 2 minutes.
  • No erotica or abusive behavior of any kind.
  • Excessive foul language could affect free promotion of the trailer.
  • You must fill out the submission form completely.

If you pay for an advertisement for your trailer, it will be shown for one week on the front page of this website.

If you purchase a sidebar ad, it will run for 1 or 2 weeks, depending on what you purchase and it will appear on all the pages of this website.

Please pick up your free copy of Build a Writing Team as a PDF on the front page of this website, and thank you for submitting your book trailer to Indie Book Trailers & More!