This Week’s Featured Book Trailer

Secret of Blackthorn Manner

C. K. Volnek is the author of this ghostly tale, now available on Amazon as an ebook or in print! Buy this book today!


Featured Book Trailer

Game Changer

This week’s featured book trailer is by my friend, Charissa Stastny. She followed my blog years ago, and from that time on we’ve exchanged work and given each other writing support. She’s a great author, and I’ve been honored to pre-read some of her books. This one, Game Changer, is such a fun story. It kept my attention throughout. I’d recommend reading it, and all of her books. Visit her website to learn more about this author and for links to purchase her books.

This Week’s Book Trailers — The Rosewood Series

These are the trailers for the three books in the Rosewood Series written by G. M. Barlean. Have you read them? If not, the upcoming Christmas holiday would be a great time to do so. The series makes a great gift for any mystery reader you know. These are cozy mysteries set in Nebraska which focus on friendship, family, and life changes. I hope you’ll buy, and enjoy them!

Buy the set of three ebooks from Amazon.

Buy the print book for Thorns.

Buy the print book for Flames.

Buy the print book for Bad Blood.