Writing Competitions

Duality is a classic idea in Chinese science and philosophy and is sometimes symbolized by the Yin-Yang symbol. Opposites can compliment each other, and can’t exist without each other. After all, how can we define light if we don’t have dark to compare it with.

Indie Book Trailers and More will feature two annual writing competitions: a summer, and a winter contest. The theme for 2017 will be duality or yin and yang: Dark and light, fire and ice, sun and moon, love and hate, winter and summer—any subject or theme you want to write about will work, as long as it’s dualistic in its premise. Let opposites attract or oppose each other.

The contests are for short stories, 2,500 words maximum. The stories can be in any genre accept erotica. We will accept no more, and must have no less, than ten entries in 2017 for each the Summer and Winter Contest.

Summer Contest—

Sponsored by Funds For Writers, C. Hope Clark

(Submissions NOW accepted)
  • Entry Fee: $10
  • Deadline: July 20th
  • Winner Announced: August 31st
  • Prize: $150 plus publication of winning story here on Indie Book Trailer & More Website.

When we receive your submission, we’ll contact you by your email address and send you to a link where you can pay your entry fee via PayPal. This is the only type of payment we will accept. Entrance fees are non-refundable. Indie Book Trailers and More will only publish the winning entry here on this site and will not own copyright or any rights beyond the publication of the story as the winning entry, nor will it have the right to publish or use any portion from any of the other submitted stories without express permission of the author. Thank you to Funds for Writers for Sponsoring this contest!

Winter Contest

(Submissions will be accepted on November 1st.)
  • Entry Fee $10
  • Deadline: December 20th
  • Winner Announced: January 31st
  • Prize: $150 plus publication of winning story here on Indie Book Trailer & More Website.

Form and specific instructions to be added closer to the date of the contest.

Sponsor a contest.

Contact us at totblog2014@gmail.com to discuss the details. Your $50 sponsorship will create months of advertising for you, and you can promote the event on your site to gain attention, too.