Thank you to those who entered the Indie Book Trailers & More Winter Short Story Competition. All of the entries were excellent!


SUSAN GRADY BRISTOL for her story, The Gift.

Irish fest 2017

Susan Bristol is a short story writer with pieces published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Ordinary Miracles in Nursing,  13th Floor, and other anthologies. She has written numerous magazine articles that appeared in Family Fun magazine, Religion Teachers’ Journal, Kidz Magazine, and professional journals including Nursing ’94, Nursing Spectrum and Pediatrics.

She is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild and “My Thoughts Exactly” writers’ group. She is currently teaching a non-credit course on memoir at Metro Community College with colleague, Cheryl Paden.

Susan thanks all her writer-friends who have helped her hone her skills and continue to offer support and feedback. Their help has been invaluable.

Read the entire story here. The Gift.


Thank you to our two judges, Carla Ketner, owner of Chapters Books & Gifts in Seward, Nebraska, and Nancy Sharp Wagner, owner of Prairieland Press. Both Carla and Nancy were excellent judges and I appreciate their time and efforts. It’s wonderful to know wonderful people!


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Thank you SO much to Nancy Sharp Wagner of Prairie Land Press for sponsoring this contest!! Authors: Please check out Prairie Land Press’s website. They are a Nebraska small-press publishing house. Readers: Prairie Land Press is the proud publisher of books by these authors (click link.)  Prairie Land Press Books. 

The rules for the 2017/2018 Winter Contest were:

  • Entry Fee $10 per short story
  • Submissions begins on November 30th
  • Submissions end on December 31st
  • W!inner to be Announced on February 16, 2018. (Since the judging is done, we’ll get this show on the road!)
  • A maximum of 15 entries total will be accepted for this contest. (:-( We only received three entries.)
  • Prize: The total submission fees of all entries, plus our Sponsor’s generous Donation of $50. (If there are 15 entries at $10 entry fee each = $150 + the sponsor’s donation of $50 =  $200.) There were 3 entries, so $30 + $50 = $80 prize to the winner.
  • A link to your story will be published here on the Indie Book Trailer & More Website, tweeted, and posted on the Indie Book Trailers & More Facebook page.
  • You can comment on the blog post about your story to direct people to your website or Amazon author’s page.
  • We advise the winner share the link to this site on their social media so their followers can read their winning story and leave congratulations!

Winner: Remember to thank our sponsor.



  1. Commonly asked questions:
    Will the entries names be known to the judges? Absolutely not!
    How many winners will there be? Only one.
    Are there any restrictions on who can enter the contest? Nope.
    How many judges will there be? Four or five, and they will all be involved in the writing industry.
    Who are the judges? They will not be announced until after the winner is selected. Judging is completely private.
    What is the theme of the contest? There is no theme. Just write a great short story.


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