Buy Advertising on Indie Book Trailers & More

Since 2014, this website has been devoted to free promotion of Indie Author book trailers. We STILL do this! I love my fellow-Indie-Authors! But I have friends who are traditionally published, too. It’s time for them to have a chance. And there’s more!

All readers will enjoy watching the book trailers from both Indie and Traditional authors. What a great way to be convinced to read a book. They can watch the trailer then buy the book right here by linking up to Amazon.

All writers are looking for opportunities to promote their books, promote their writing services, and to learn as much about writing, and what others think about their writing. This site provides new and interesting opportunities.

This site is refreshed weekly, on Monday. The ads we sell should be writing-related. It’s very important to us that your products and services are credible and we will do research to be sure your links are good and your site is of quality. We reserve the right to turn away any ad.

See Calendar to find available dates.

Please create the ad, save it as a JPG, and email it to us at Ad must be easy to read in the format already established in the sidebar of this website. At this time we have room for three ad spaces and one book trailer ad.  Once the week’s ads are full, they’re full. You’ll then be eligible to run in the following weeks issue of this e-publication. Dimensions can vary, from 250×250 types to 500×500.

For a Book Trailer Ad, submit the information under the book trailer tab. You are still held to standards of no erotica or abuse. Pay $5 for the trailer space for 1 week.  PayPal.