Indie Authors:

Enter your Indie Book Trailer

If you’re an Indie Author (this means not traditionally published), enter your YouTube published book trailer for your published book. If your trailer wins, we’ll run it for one week.

To submit your Indie Book Trailer for free promotion, go to the Submit Your Indie Author Book Trailer sub-tab, or click this link.  Submit Indie.


Discover who you want to be reading. Watch the book trailers. You’ll find books you can’t wait to read. After watching the trailers, you’ll have crisp visual images and underlying ideas in your mind before you even start reading the books. You’ll have a little piece of information other readers may not find. Best yet, it’s free.

To see this week’s WINNING INDIE BOOK TRAILER, go to  Winning Indie Book Trailer

COVERThank you to all who submit trailers, enter competitions, or read this website!

As my free gift, please accept this PDF copy of Build a Writing Team. I believe it’s useful, not just for writers, but for any entrepreneur.  Thanks again for visiting Indie Book Trailers & More!


18449802_10154292452901268_1374223706_nMy name is Gina, but I write as G. M. Barlean. Check out my Amazon page and I hope you’ll even read some of my books. I have ten books available which include novels, collections of essays, short stories, anthologies, and writing help books. I’ve put this website together to help promote other Indie Authors and as a way to promote my own books.

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