Indie Book Trailers & More is for writers and readers. It’s about writing. It’s about books. It’s about writing good books and promoting those books.

G. M. Barlean

As an Indie Author, I know one of the most valuable pieces of my writing equation is finding out how other people feel about my work. It’s the ultimate test, isn’t it? Will they read it? Will they like it? Will they give it a good review? A lot rides on the opinions of readers, and this site brings readers and writers together in a unique way. 

Want to know more about me… I’m the lady who puts this website together. My name is Gina, but I write as G. M. Barlean. Check out my Amazon page and I hope you’ll even read some of my books. I have ten books available which include novels, collections of essays, short stories, anthologies, and writing help books.


Discover who you want to be reading. Watch the book trailers. You’ll find books you can’t wait to read. After watching the trailers, you’ll have crisp visual images and underlying ideas in your mind before you even start reading the books. You’ll have a little piece of information other readers may not find. Best yet, you get it free.


You wrote a book, or maybe you’re just now writing it. Lucky you, If you have a writing partner, a critique group, beta readers, an editor, or a troll named Bob locked in a closet who you force to give honest opinions for his bowl of gruel. If these things are the case, you may not need additional opinions.

But I know many writers who don’t have this kind of writing support system in place. Especially Bob the Troll, as they’re hard to find and slippery to catch. THEREFORE you can use the tools provided on this website to hone your story into the masterpiece we all know it can truly be! There is also a tab on this site where you can purchase an ad to run your book trailer, or a boxed sidebar ad to promote your book, your writing service, or your writing product. Check out Advertising.

Enter your first 500 words

The cost is nominal. We’ll give you a very honest opinion in a businesslike fashion and you’ll walk away knowing if you’ve got something others will want to read, or if you have some work yet to do.

Enter your Indie Book Trailer

f you’re an Indie Author, you have nothing to lose. You enter, we either accept your trailer and run it for free, or we politely turn your trailer down (and that’s just between you and me).

For a fee, we’ll be happy to give you honest feedback on why we feel your trailer isn’t up to the quality this website wishes to promote. It might be worth your five bucks to know. Maybe you can fix the trailer or make a new one and it will then help you sell more books. Isn’t that the point? Sure it is. Why go to the trouble of making a trailer if you don’t plan to sell books with it? You know. Unless it gives Bob the Troll something to do. Like, he gets a banana with his gruel if he watches the trailer for you.


What a way to test your metal, right? I mean, sure, Bob the Troll said your short story is good, but you know, he’ll say anything for a banana or a bowl of gruel. You cannot trust what Bob says. But if you enter your work in a competition and it doesn’t win, you may then decide you’d like a critique to find out why. Or if you do win, then hey, you can tell people you won the Summer or Winter Indie Book Trailers & More Writing Contest! Bob will be thrilled.


Finally, check out this site to learn about writing, marketing, book trailers and more. Tell your friends. Shout it from your social media mountain tops. People will see your book trailers. They’ll read your ads. They’ll buy your books, or your writing-related product or service. Bob will be jealous.


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