This Week’s Video

Normally, I post a winning book trailer, but I didn’t receive any entries this week. I guess I haven’t promoted the site enough, so I’ll have to do better. Maybe this video will encourage some of you out there to create a video trailer for your book and enter it here. If your trailer qualifies, it will be posted, free, for one week.

This is a video I made from a Power Point presentation about how to make a video from a Power Point presentation! This is a class I prepared, but was unable to teach because I came down with a respiratory virus and had to cancel the class. 😦

In lieu of that, I narrated the power point, turned it into a video, and posted it to YouTube so people who’d signed up for the class could still have the information I’d prepared. I’ll warn you, my voice isn’t ideal for audio, but I believe the video has solid information. So. If you’ve been considering creating a book trailer to help promote your book, the following video may be helpful to you.


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