Enter Your Book Trailer to Win

YOU can enter a Youtube video about your Indie Authored book (a book trailer). If your trailer is of good quality and meets submission guidelines, you may win a week-long spot of promotion right here, on this page, on this website.

If your book is traditionally published, you can purchase a similar promotional spot. If your Indie book’s trailer doesn’t win a free promotional spot, you can still buy a spot.

Here’s a little trailer I’ve created to promote this site. I hope you’ll enter your book trailer! They’re fun to make and fun to watch. If you have a short story you’d like enter in a contest, the beginning of a novel you’d like to have critiqued, or an advertisement you’d like to run… Indie Book Trailers & More is here for you!


2 thoughts on “Enter Your Book Trailer to Win

    • Please see the tab that says “Submit” here on this website.
      All authors who submit book trailers do this. I do not do the work of submitting for the authors.


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