July 3, 2017

Book Title: The Nemesis Vector

Author’s Name:
Bo Demont

Trailer Creator : Bo Demont

YouTube Video of trailer:

About the Author: I love to write and I work and live in Oregon.

About the Book: At earths doorstep, an extinction level event, a terrified world watches helplessly while an invading hostile alien race constructs a super structure that will terraform the moon making it habitable for them, mankind named it, “the Nemesis Vector.” Unless they can be stopped earth is their next target for habitation.
Hostile aliens invade earths solar system intent on living here begin terraforming earths moon with a mega structure that harvests the sun’s energy.

Two astronauts, Rex Huntley and Rory Scott are on routine mission aboard the International Space Station, when aliens raid the station and mercilessly kill 4 of their colleagues. To save their own lives and return safely back to earth the 2 men must find a way to destroy the alien ship without any defensive weapons. Rory understands if their attack fails he will never see the love of his life again or know his unborn child.

Sahara Scott, Rory’s pregnant wife yearns for her husbands safe return and has terrible frightening nightmares haunting her dreams while he is away on mission. In time her ominous premonitions become her reality.

NASA is informed of the hostile alien intrusion and swiftly world leaders form a world government, United Earth Alliance and convene a think tank to war game strategies to defend the earth, this brain trust is headed by Dr. Earl Rice an eccentric but brilliant scientist.

Two Desperate almost suicidal missions are planned crewed by Captain Rex Huntley, Captain Rory Scott and the Navy’s, Seal Team One.

Prior to returning to the space station, the first mission, Sahara and Rory have a short time to be together and they deepen their love for each other and cherish the time they have been given.

Amazon Link to buy the book: The Nemesis Vector


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