Author’s Name: Lisa Lowell

Trailer Creator : Lisa Lowell and Glen Bledsoe

About the Author: I’ve been writing for years, but only now, with my children gone did I feel I could dedicate the time to put toward actively publishing. I am an middle school English teacher (a scary thought) as well as an author in northwest Oregon. With this series and several others in mind, I could write the rest of my life and be content.

About the Book: Owailion wakes with no memory of his former life, but he has one unexpected gift: magic. He struggles to master the limits and the loss of his friend Mohan, a dragon who guides him through his first tentative lessons in magic. Then he meets Raimi, also a gifted magician and his predestined mate. Together they must discover that being all-powerful comes with a terrible price. Confronting the last of the dragons is only the beginning. Talismans is the first in the Wise One series.

Amazon Link to buy the book:


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