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Thorns of Rosewood


Author: Gina M. Barlean

Book Title: Thorns of Rosewood

About the Author:   Gina M. Barlean, 54, is the author of five novels: Casting Stones (2012), Dead Blow (2013), Thorns of Rosewood (2014), Flames of Rosewood (2015), and Bad Blood of Rosewood (2016); one book of blog essays: Moments of Clarity (2014); one informational book on networking: Build a Writing Team (2014); a short story: Man with a Green Scarf (2017); and two collections of short stories: Recipes for Revenge (2012), and Dark Works (2014).  Her novel-in-progress, working title: Father, Mother, Son, is scheduled to be released in 2018.

About the Book: Gloria Larsen knows only three things about her birth mother: she was over forty, she lived in Rosewood, Nebraska, and she was accused of murder in 1974. When Gloria is offered a job as newspaper editor in the small town, she jumps at the opportunity to discover the identity of her birth mother. Digging into the past, she finds a story of the disappearance of a judge’s wife and four friends accused of murder. Gloria tracks the now-elderly women to an assisted-living facility. This is Gloria’s chance to write the story of a lifetime and finally know her heritage. Even if she can’t learn the truth of her origins, she must find out what really happened to Naomi Waterman Talbot.

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