Ready. Set. GO!

And we’re off! I do declare this here site to be launched. Every week there will be new things to discover here on Indie Book Trailers & More.

First of all, I have my own domain for the site now. Still a WordPress site because I like it just fine as it is for now, BUT, if you want, you can just type in  and it will automatically bump you to this site. Viola!

Secondly, all of the trailers which ran from 2014 to now had been free promotion. I was happy to do it and many of the people who submitted their trailers expressed gratitude. Thank you and you’re welcome! But, as we’re starting anew, the previously archived trailers have been deleted. Ya’ll can certainly resubmit, but now we will give free promotional space only to Indies that meet the standards of this site. (That would be most of those that have run over the years.) I hope you’ll submit again.



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