New Horizons!

Since 2014, this website has been a place for Indie authors to promote their book trailers. I’ve had the great opportunity to show off the talent of Indie authors from all over the world!

As an Indie author, I know the services we all search for. Editing, cover design, beta reading, formatting, and of course, the all-important, marketing assistance. We’re smart entrepreneurs looking for the best we can get for our money.  This website will assist Indie authors in finding the help they need to get the job done.

  • What will stay the same? Indie Book Trailers will still run at no cost. My gift to my fellow Indie Authors.
  • What will change? You can submit your INDIE book trailers free, but not all will make the cut. In the past, unless you didn’t follow posted guidelines, everyone’s trailers were published. From this point on, I will select only trailers that I believe are done well. Yes. I’m the gatekeeper. And this is the free part of this website, so, yeah, I get to call the shots.
  • How will I deem what is published and what isn’t? Well. My gut mostly, but I have a pretty lenient gut. Frankly, over the last three years Indie authors haven’t submitted many trailers I found sub par. For the most part, I’ve had the honor of publishing some very nice book trailers. BUT… there have been some I felt needed work, could have been better, missed the mark… in general made me absolutely not want to buy the book. THOSE kinds of trailers submitted in the future will not receive free promotional space on this site.
  • To submit is free if you’re an Indie. If you don’t hear back from me, it means your trailer wasn’t selected to run on this site. If I do select your trailer to promote with free space on this site, I will let you know the date your trailer will be live.
  • IF you want to have a critique of your trailer, I would be happy to give you my opinion and suggestions for a critique fee. You will find that in the area you submit your trailer. Your critique will go the email address you provide and will not be made public. I will be kind and offer suggestions.
  • If you do not get selected for free promotional space on this website, you can still purchase and ad for this site. See Advertising Tab.

Here’s what’s coming:

NON-INDIE book trailers will be accepted. If you are a traditionally published author, an agent, or a publishing house, I’ll run your trailers for a fee. They will run according to a scheduled time under the tabs. If you wish to advertise, please see the advertising tab.

WRITING CRITIQUES. You’ll be able to submit your writing under the category of Your 1st 500 Words, and depending on which fee you select, I will give you either a general overview, or a detailed beta read of your work and send it back to your email.

COMPETITION:  Quarterly writing competitions. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The winner’s work will be published on this website and will win a cash prize, yet to be determined.

Thanks again to all of the Indie Trailer submissions I’ve had over the years. I hope you’ll all keep watching this site. You’ll have more chances to participate, and there will be all the more reasons for readers to keep their eyes on this site!

Please visit the Indie Book Trailers Facebook Page and share it with friends to help promote the Indie and soon, non-Indie Trailers and much more.


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