There and Now (Volume #1)

Name of Author: Eric Reese

Book Title: There and Now (Volume #1)

Book Genre: Urban Fiction

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Trailer Creator : REALWorks

Date Published on YouTube: 2/19/2017

Your Indie Publishing Label : Createspace

Author Bio: Eric Reese is a graphic designer, blogger, artist, and writer from Philadelphia, PA, who has worked on design projects for Coca-Cola, Lexus Films, Huawei and other companies known worldwide. He authored, most recently, the “THERE AND NOW” book series and The Ten Facts of Life.

Book Blurb: There and Now Part 1 by Eric Reese is a charming memoir that follows the young life of an African American child who calls himself Lil E as he goes about his childhood in the 80s.

True Guardian

Name of Author: Emma Jane Lindsay

Book Title: True Guardian

Book Genre: Teen / Young Adult

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Trailer Creator : Emma Lindsay

Date Published on YouTube: Jan 29th 2017

Your Indie Publishing Label : Kindle

Author Bio : Emma Lindsay is a writer based in Dublin. She came second in the Blackstaff Press Skypen Sci-fi writing competition and was long-listed for both the Fish International Poetry Prize and the Fish International Flash Fiction Prize. Her Flash Fiction has been published in Emerald Bolt’s online magazine. She works at Trinity College, Dublin – where, among other things, she coordinates internships for Computer Science students. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Science (UCD) and a Masters’ Degree.

Book Blurb: True Guardian is a young-adult science fiction novel about coming-of-age in an unexplored universe. Fifteen-year-old Leigh wants to learn about the galaxy she was born in. While training to be a Peace Guardian she finds herself at the centre of a rebellion and soon she is the only one who can help a closed planet where inhabitants know nothing about the rest of the universe – Earth.